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FLIP Empowerment Network (FLIPEN) is a one-of-a-kind program born out of a need — a need for help, direction, and a sense of belonging for intending entrepreneurs to kick start your business goals, fine tune your existing business or make your dream business become a reality through a membership and commission earning platform that gives you the opportunity to raise the capital you need for your dream projects and helps you attain Financial Freedom!

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FLIP Empowerment Network is a subsidiary of FLIP AFFAIRS INTERNATIONAL. A company duly registered under the laws of Federal Government of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission RC: 2561873.

We are a tribe of HEART DRIVEN Social Entrepreneurs. Well experienced and exposed in Network Marketing, Engineering, E-commerce and the Travel Industries. Committed and so passionate about empowering and educating our members to create a life that really works for them.

A life that allows you to have the financial freedom, lifestyle, flexibility, Impact, family time, creativity and success they deserve. But we know how hard it can be.


You truly aren’t alone. See how learning and encouraging in this amazing community has worked for people just like you.

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To build a formidable Community of Successful Entrepreneurs with an Excellent Spirit Connecting each to the Global Economy. 

To be the most transformative and most rewarding empowerment platform 



  • Integrity.
  • Tenacity.¬†
  • Leadership&Lifelong learning.
  • Team Work.
  • A will to Win.
  • Humility.

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

Freedom Lifestyle Impact & Profit (FLIP) EMPOWERMENT NETWORK 

First and foremost, FLIP EMPOWERMENT NETWORK— referred to as ‘FLIPEN’ for short — is a personal and financial success resource program for members‚Äô self-improvement. We offer a personal Empowerment product —– FLIP ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT SERIES.¬† Second, we offer a simple yet powerful income opportunity that enables members to create massive WEALTH.¬†

To become a member of FLIP Empowerment Network contact the person who introduced you to the network so that he or she can provide you with registration details, then simply make payment ONLY to company’s account number for your registration.


FLIP Account details are as follows: 





Account No: 0789771605



Account No: 0449188896

Minimum joining fee is N18, 000 for (MAGA ACTIVE PLAN – BASIC ENTRY)

You can register 1,2,3, 4 ….7 or 13 accounts, however there is no limit to the number of accounts you can register as an individual, provided you can conveniently manage them. But we encourage that you register 4 accounts which automatically takes you to stage 1

All you need to do is to introduce 3 direct downlines and encourage them to do so. And always avail yourself for our FLIP ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Series Training.

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FLIPEN is not a get rich quick scheme — though it is a legitimate “Earn Money Fast” and ‚Äė‚ÄôGet Rich Smart‚ÄĚ business. Over N280, 000 in commission payments can be earned in just days — and over and over and over again.

You are expected to sponsor a minimum of 3 persons directly on your BASIC ENTRY stage; however you may double your sponsorship to help you move faster. But even if you have referred only 1 person, you earn immediately on that 1 and you can withdraw your earnings to your local bank account.

We want to build an organization — that is founded on the triple features of¬†teamwork and individual entrepreneurship and longevity. We believe that our unique pay plans are the greatest win-win-win we could create for our members and their network team mates.

3 persons will be placed under you and the rest will spill to your downlines who have not sponsored anyone under them thereby helping your generation grow faster. So you can register as many persons as possible and be recognized as an AMBASSADOR. 

FLIPEN has the best compensation plan with just 5 stages and a BASIC ENTRY Foundation Matrix. 

Awards are given after completion of each stage. Notify the company once you complete any of the stages, your incentives will be given to you.

No, there is no break-away as it is a follow me Matrix which means your downlines follows you all through your lifetime in this network.

Yes! Both SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER are a part of the FLIPEN ‘POWER 3X2’ forced matrix pay plan. However, at FLIPEN, we believe in teaching the correct fundamentals of building a solid online network marketing business. In this respect, there is a wealth of network marketing training resources available for free on the internet today to help you grow your FLIPEN business steadily yet surely. So you don’t need to rely on spillover and spill under to govern your own financial wellbeing.

Yes you can. All members of FLIPEN have a free back office member‚Äôs area — from where you may view your FULL GENEALOGY for all members in your personal FLIPEN matrixes and network.

It depends on the package you are in. BOUNTY REWARD Package entitles you to 20% monthly Commission Earning Power without referrals, for a stipulated period of 12 months.

Yes, in the Members Area back office of your FLIPEN website you can see a range of details on members and earnings for your FLIPEN business.

Directly into their bank account 

FLIP AFFAIRS INTERNATIONAL is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC_ 2561873

FLIPEN is a Nigerian based business and founded by 3 Powerful Network builders with a 50years combined experience.

FLIPEN is ready to sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with key leaders who have a team that are ready to promote the business, as a proof that she will not change her compensation plan and incentives after sometime. Rather what FLIPEN has promised to give and do is what she will maintain. FLIP EMPOWERMENT NETWORK will rather improve on her promises than renege on them.

No. FLIPEN offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all members. This is foremost because new member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all joining fees are paid instantly as soon as the joining fee payment is received. Secondly, all members of FLIPEN receive access to the ‘FLIP EMPOWERMENT SERIES’ trainings¬†immediately after joining. Therefore, as our systems are fully automated and irrevocable, no refunds shall be made.


To repeat: FLIPEN offers no refunds. So please do not join FLIPEN if this zero refunds policy is not agreeable to you. 

YES! The company accepts registrations and withdrawals every day including weekends.

FLIPEN is a people-helping people business. As such, after first studying this FLIPEN website fully, you should contact your referrer or sponsor to ask for a further explanation of the FLIPEN home business opportunity. If you are unable to contact your referrer or sponsor or you require assistance, you may send an email to our admin who will be delighted to help you:




Or fill in the Contact Us Form


To organize seminars, activities and forums that will empower young people to realize their true potentials and


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